Track Bike Gallery

“…… the perfect clunk-click of symbiosis that people associate with nooky is completely expressed in the relationship between man and bicycle.” Zöe Williams, 2003
A virtual collection of Herne Hill track bikes, vintage, classic and contemporary.

The gallery will feature track bikes that have seen action at Herne Hill.

Send photos plus details of the bike’s components and pedigree. Send your bike pics
In the meantime check out Bryan Taylor’s track bikes at

A First Track Bike

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a first track bike.

A good track bike has a stiff frame, a strong pair of wheels and fast tyres. Stregnth and fit is more important than weight.

A wide variety of machines are ridden on Herne hill – classic steel frames remain the popular choice, with aluminium and carbon bikes now ridden by top racers.

Many club riders still race on steel bikes that have been around for 15 years & more.

Check out our Links Page for some London area suppliers of track bikes.